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Being Realistic About Your Time and Capabilities

As working mothers, we often feel like we can do it all—raise the kids, keep the house in order, and excel at our careers. But let’s face it—sometimes, no matter how hard we try, life gets in the way. We have to be realistic about our time and capabilities. I know this from personal experience. I recently had to push my mint back by a week, because I was forced to take a step back and really think about my needs and those of my kids as I move forward through this process. Here's what needed to be thought of and what led to the decision to push it back a week.

Setting Boundaries

When I was younger, I thought that if I just worked harder and longer hours, I could “have it all”—the perfect career and a happy family life. But after lots of trial and error (and a few breakdowns) I realized that wasn't true... yet I keep trying it, like somehow it's going to just work this time. That's why I had to think of setting boundaries for myself this time—if something wasn't important enough to make my top five list of priorities for the day, then it just isn't going to get done. This helps me focus on what is most important to me (my children and my job). It also saves me valuable time and energy so that I am not constantly feeling overwhelmed or stressed out by all the little tasks that are piling up around my house or office.

Being Realistic About What You Can Accomplish

Another thing that I had to think about was being realistic about what I can actually accomplish in a given day or week. We all have good days and bad days; some days I might be able to do a million things in record time while other days I may barely manage to make dinner for my family. That's okay! I'm only human after all; I have to try to remember to not beat myself up if I can't get everything done on my list each day. It's better to focus on one or two things really well rather than try to cram in too much and end up feeling frustrated or disappointed by my lack of progress.

Making Time For Yourself

Last but not least, and this one is repetitive throughout most of my blog posts—I had to remember to make time for myself! Whether it’s taking a hot bath at night before bed or reading a book while sipping my morning coffee, taking moments throughout the day to relax helps keep me sane during those particularly hectic times when life seems overwhelming. Even if it’s just ten minutes here or there throughout your day, those moments of peace can make all the difference between feeling burnt out or energized and productive!

It may seem impossible to balance work with home life as a working mother but with careful planning and realistic expectations about what we can accomplish each day, it doesn’t have to be so daunting! Setting boundaries for ourselves will help us prioritize what is most important while also helping us find moments of peace throughout our hectic schedule so that we can remain energized for whatever life throws at us next!


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