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How I Am Taking My Own Advice

As a mom and crypto enthusiast, I am always looking for ways to connect with other like-minded women. That's why I founded the Decentral Mamas, a group focused on exploring the world of decentralized finance and blockchain technology, tailored to the needs of moms. However, as the web3 community evolves, new information and interests arise (even personal ones), it becomes necessary to make adjustments to keep the group relevant and engaging. In this blog post, I'll share my plan to taking my own advice and update the Decentral Mamas to better suit our evolving needs.

Listening to the Group Members

The first step in making any adjustments is to listen to the members of the Decentral Mamas. Most are not complaining about how things are going, but they are also not overly active or paying attention, which means it's not quite what they need it to be.

Incorporating New Topics of Interest

Just like everyone else, my personal interests evolve as I learn more. The same goes for the holders of Decentral Mamas. So now it's a matter of incorporating those new interests into the idea of the project, without completely altering it. The core idea still remains.

Making New Connections

To expand the Decentral Mamas further, it would be best to invite guests with a little more expertise in the new interests and new technologies to come and create collabs/partnerships that help with the move towards the desired direction.

Creating a Resource Guide

As we delve deeper into the world of these new ideas, we need to create a whole new list of resources to help not only myself, but also the holders adapt to the change.

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration

One of the things that will remain consistent throughout our adjustments is the culture of collaboration we fostered. We encourage members to ask questions, share their knowledge, and engage in healthy debates. This will not only make our discussions more lively but also allows us to learn from each other and grow together.

In conclusion, taking my own advice and adjusting the Decentral Mamas to match new information received and new interests is a necessary step in keeping our group relevant and engaging. By listening to our members, incorporating new topics of interest, making new connections, creating a resource guide, and fostering a culture of collaboration, we will be able to deepen our potential. I hope this blog post inspires other mothers to seek out communities that share their interests and evolve with them over time. After all, sometimes the best way to grow is by taking a few steps in a new direction.


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