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Your Passion is Uniquely Your Own

You know that feeling when you have a great idea for your business and no one else seems to understand it? Or when your colleagues don’t quite see the big picture the way you do? Don’t worry – this is normal! Mama, we are all driven by our passion and vision for what we want to accomplish. But no one will ever have the same passion as you do for your business.

Your Passion Sets You Apart

Your passion is unique and special. It gives you the determination and motivation to get things done. And while others may not quite understand why you’re so dedicated to making your business successful, that doesn’t mean they aren’t supportive of you. Chances are, those closest to you are proud of you for following your dreams and taking risks in pursuit of them. So don’t be discouraged if other people don’t seem as enthusiastic about your venture as you are – it just means that no one else can match your level of enthusiasm!

Take Advantage of Your Passion

Rather than seeing this difference in enthusiasm as a negative thing, see it as an opportunity! Use it to help fuel your success. With every obstacle or challenge that comes up, remind yourself why it was worth pursuing in the first place. That reminder will give you the strength to push through any tough times or moments of doubt. Having passion for something also helps keep us motivated, which is key when running a business. So always remember how important it is not to lose sight of what drives us forward every day.

No one will ever have the same passion as you do for your business – but that doesn't mean they're not behind you 100%! This I know all too well. When I explain to others how I envision the Decentral Mamas to go, they look at me like I have two heads, but I don't let it discourage my mission. In fact, embracing this difference in enthusiasm can be a great way to drive more success in our businesses, by connecting back to why we started something in the first place! By keeping our passions alive, we can continue pushing forward with our entrepreneurial ventures and achieve even greater success than we originally imagined!

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